AI Research Engineer (Reinforcement Learning)

About us: At Aleph Alpha, we are shaping Europe's first AI engineering landscape. We research, develop and deploy a new generation of AI technology. In doing so, we safeguard personal and organizational sovereignty over data and give control over normative value alignment back to the developer. Therefore, we have a social responsibility to commit to the highest ethical standards and accountability. To foster our engineering potential and to further transform industries within Europe, we cooperate with academic, public and industry partners. We are proud to be an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer, and believe in equal opportunity. We trust that a diverse and inclusive workforce keeps us creative and innovative. By applying with us, you gain the opportunity to join a fast-growing AI research & development start-up pioneering Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology. You will be part of an international team of experts working with academia, industry, and government to build the next generation of AI solutions for language, vision and strategy.

Your profile:

  • You are highly motivated by the latest machine learning developments and strive to embed them real-life applications
  • Experience and excellent knowledge of Python and PyTorch
  • Good mathematical foundations and a good understanding of deep learning
  • Ability to identify state of the art scientific research methods and to implement those in business use cases
  • Ability to explain complex scientific and technical topics to a wide range of audiences
  • Self-starter, goal-oriented, team spirit and desire to overcome obstacles
  • Programming Experience with Rust, Reinforcement learning, explainable AI and/or transformer models is a plus
  • Both junior and senior candidates can apply

Your responsibilities:

  • Adapt the latest AI-research developments for practical use in real-world applications
  • Develop, train and maintain deep-reinforcement learning models
  • Research machine learning publications, design experiments, validate results
  • Implement new or adapt existing simulations for the modelling of complex environments
  • Develop approaches to solve problems and recommend actions, including the implementation of suggested customer recommendations
  • Conceive innovative ways of interaction to build trust between humans and superhuman AI agents
  • Initiate and manage academic and open-source cooperation and support or author publications

Benefits of working with us:

  • Get insights on the development of innovative technology for non-trivial challenges
  • Be part of a dynamic start-up with a rapidly growing team
  • Work with international experts from science and industry
  • Grow continuously on your individual career path
  • Take on responsibility and shape the company and technology
  • Flexible working hours and above-average compensation
  • An inspiring working environment with short lines of communication, horizontal organization, and great team spirit

At Aleph-Alpha, your possibilities to creatively shape team and technology are not determined by hierarchies or formal education. Our shared passion for research, engineering and customer success makes our team a great place to learn and excel in a flexible and friendly work environment. Aleph-Alpha is devoted to driving research and to creating real world applications based on the latest developments in the field of machine learning.